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I've been singing since I was really young, but that's when my record company found me and signed me!Speaking of You Tube, please discuss your bromance with Tyler Oakley. He's someone who paid attention to me when I was first making videos.Slowly we started hanging out and became really, really close. What made you decide to make the powerful "Blue Neighbourhood" video series with three songs off your EP ?I was looking back at the songs and I realized it was a potential story line that could incorporate a million little messages that I find important. wow ok let me put this simply, ~Tyler (Oakley) Troye (Sivan)= Troyler.), is an American You Tube celebrity, blogger, comedian & internet personality, known for mostly comedic vlog-style videos.Many of his videos are collaboration videos with other You Tubers. Since uploading his first video while a freshman at Michigan State University, he has received over 330 million video views and gained over 6.1 million subscribers along with over 365 videos posted.He has collaborated with fellow You Tubers such as Joey Graceffa, Shane Dawson, Hannah Hart , Miles Jai, Troye Sivan, Dan Howell, Colleen Ballinger (aka. He is a former member of the successful collaboration channel "5Awesomegays," where he produced the Friday video for over three years.

“Her boyfriend is actually good friends with me, so we’re definitely not dating,” he said on the web show on Friday (June 26).“I’m pretty single, and I think I’m gonna remain single, even if I don’t want to be,” he said. “It’s hard because in this business, every boy my age wants to go out all the time and party! Why do older generations used to dress decently and modestly?In 2000, David Wain and Michael Showalter set out to make their first film Wet Hot American Summer.It was a low budget independent film and they cast their friends and a handful of unknown...

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