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When one of them lands a girlfriend during a skiing accident, four friends become convinced that extreme situations are the only way to find romance.

But their ingenious scheme to stage a kidnapping quickly goes awry when the thugs they hire to hurt them have a foolproof plan of their own. Devon Sawa, Amanda Detmer, Andrew Keegan, Meat Loaf and Jamie-Lynn Di Scala ("The Sopranos") co-star.

Amanda Detmer has a reputation for being bitchy and accident-prone. Ultimately -- after a long setup that makes us think a sex comedy is in store for us -- Amanda and Devon hatch a plan to kidnap Andrew and the girl he's lusting after (Jamie-Lynn Di Scala), the idea being that she'll fall in love with him when he breaks them out of captivity.

Only they don't count on hiring ex-cons as their muscle in the scheme. The machinations of the film are at once unbelievable and eye-rollingly unentertaining.

By the time the movie devolves into a police investigation into the kidnapping, you'll begin wondering if the movie will ever be over, and whether anyone involved in it will ever work again.

By Lisha Ross As February approaches, flowers, chocolates and five-star dinners beckon with sentiments of appreciation and love.

They plot a fake kidnapping but the plan goes awry when the kidnappers turn out to be ex-cons with plans of their own.

The remaining friends must now rescue the captives and manage to avoid the law at the same time.

A következő terv ezért egy ál-emberrablás, ám az események váratlan fordulatot vesznek.Négy huszonéves barát eltökélten keresi a szerelmet, de sehogyan sem találja.Egy sítúra alkalmával mégis megtörténik a csoda, egyikőjük szenvedélyes kapcsolatba bonyolódik egy lánnyal, egy jeges lejtőn bekövetkezett véletlen baleset nyomán.Sure, tried and true shows of devotion suffice, but as a female I must admit that creativity and forethought go a long way; I’ll take a thoughtful picnic under the stars over steak and lobster at a posh nightspot any day.By no means am I saying those time-honored romantic gestures aren’t appreciated, but breaking away from the norm for one memorable night on the town–now that’s the bing, bang boom that makes your sweetheart swoon!

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