Eclipse maven hangs updating indexes

The local repository refers to a copy on your own installation that is a cache of the remote downloads, and also contains the temporary build artifacts that you have not yet released.Remote repositories refer to any other type of repository, accessed by a variety of protocols such as .So far these instructions have not been tested on Windows. It supports complex projects that have their own build system, like Mozilla.If you want to use an IDE for Mozilla C development with advanced code assistance (inheritance/call graph explorer, jump to definition, refactoring, autocomplete, syntax highlighting, etc.), then Eclipse CDT might be for you.This plugin is intended mainly for managed projects, but we use an unmanaged project for Mozilla since it has its own build system.(If you do install this plugin and use its tool chain below, then you'll find that parts of the UI that you'll need to access will be disabled.) Instead, just proceed with setting up Eclipse as detailed below as if you were using GCC as your compiler.This page is new, and has been written pretty much from scratch to replace our old Eclipse docs.

In order to work with a fully indexed Mozilla source tree, Eclipse will use 1-2 GB of RAM.These repositories might be a truly remote repository set up by a third party to provide their artifacts for downloading (for example, repo.maven.and Maven's central repository).Other "remote" repositories may be internal repositories set up on a file or HTTP server within your company, used to share private artifacts between development teams and for releases.The following example shows how this would look within the file.After maven has been supplied with the required information the maven-release plugin will interact with the project's SCM and define a relese to be extracted and deployed.

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