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Once you've decided what school you (or your child) is planning to attend, the next step is determining how much of that cost you want to be covered by student loans.

Qualifying for the maximum student loan amount doesn't mean that's what you should accept, especially if you don't need the money.

First the good news: Bad credit isn’t a death knell for student loan applicants, since most undergraduate loan money comes from the federal government and the feds don’t use credit scores to approve applicants.

That means that even if your FICO credit score has fallen below the acceptable range for most forms of borrowing, you still qualify for federal student loans.

There are even some available for students based on financial need, which means no credit is required.

The federal student loan awards don’t depend on a borrower’s credit score, but come with borrowing limits.Consolidating private education loans can help you simplify and lower your monthly payments.However, there are several ways to handle your debt.Your interest rate becomes a weighted balance of your existing loans, and you can choose a new payoff period.Refinancing is available for private education loans Numerous private lenders are eager to consolidate any type of loan you have, including federal student loans.

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