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I also started an email workshop: How to Find Senior Friends, that helps while using this site. Pen pals for adults at free penpal sites have been a phenomenon in the last few years.I wish you many new senior pen pals that perk up your daily life and they definately will!You can learn about different lifestyles, life in different states, or even worldwide.

Jul 5 - Added 1 new listing Jul 4 - Updated 3 listings Jul 3 - Added 1 new listing Jul 2 - Added 2 new listings Jun 28 - Removed 13 listings Jun 27 - Added 1 new listing Jun 26 - Added 2 new listings Jun 25 - Updated 3 listings Jun 24 - Updated 3 listings Jun 23 - Updated 1 listing This site is designed as a meeting point for gay, transgender and bisexual inmates and those who wish to have such a person as a pen pal.Why not share hobbies, knowledge, and just generally funny stuff in our private group?First, if you are seriously interested in finding Senior Pen Pals, please consider joining the private Retirement Community.If you are searching for such, please go elsewhere. If you choose to use this site, we strongly encourage you to click on the "Read First" button and savor its contents.After all, these men have been adjudicated by the state as criminals.

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